Sura’s Solutions Dog Training On-Demand

Real Problems.

Real Dogs.

Real Help.

Fun and so easy an 8-year-old child can do it. Sura’s Solutions gives you the tools you need to get your dog back on track.

Course Curriculum

  1. Start Here – Core Concepts
  2. Potty Training Your Puppy or Adult Dog
  3. The Most Urgent Priority
  4. Puppy Biting
  5. Crate Training
  6. Separation Anxiety
  7. Excessive Barking
  8. Destructive Chewing
  1. Come When Called
  2. Sit, Stand, Down
  3. Jumping Up & Hyperactivity
  4. Take It and Leave It
  5. Digging Problems
  6. My Dog Doesn’t Like… (Reactivity)
  7. Pulling on Leash
  8. My Dog Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend

Easy, science- and reward-based solutions to the most common dog behavior problems for dogs of all ages.

Watch the Preview:

Sura’s Solutions’ motto is “Easy enough that an 8-year-old child can do it!” for a reason. Each video is a step-by-step how-to guide with dogs in real-time, with on-screen tips and narration, and bonus reading materials too.

These candid videos feature our clients’ dogs and our own lovable goofballs, showing you real-time learning and progress. No tricks or setups.

Real Problems. Real Dogs. Real Help.

Annual Subscription

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  • EASY: Our videos are CLEAR and CONCISE. They are as short as possible for easier learning and you can go at your own pace. Our fun and games approach can be safely used by the whole family, including adult-supervised children!
  • EFFECTIVE: All of our methods are science-based. Why? Because they WORK. They’re built on decades of science-based dog behavior research and proven results!
  • ENJOYABLE: You and your dog should enjoy spending time together, including when training. All our methods are dog-friendly, safe–and FUN!

The Stars of our Videos

In these candid videos, you’ll see us working with clients’ dogs as well as our two stars, Sura and Chewie. Both are Alaskan Malamutes and, as a quick Google search will confirm, no one’s first (or 50th) choice for a training demo. So if these two Rambunctious Rovers can learn–off-leash in fact–so can your Furry Fido!


Help / Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog is a [insert breed name]? Is my dog too old/young/smart/silly etc.?

Sura’s Solutions Dog Training On-Demand is for ALL dogs, regardless of breed/age/temperament!

There’s no such thing as starting too early or late with any dog. We always say that if you have a breed of dog that’s seen as difficult or different in some way, it’s MORE important to train and socialize that pup!

What if I’m inexperienced in dog training?

That’s okay! At Sura Dog Training, we take great pride in the fact that our methods can be used safely by an 8-year-old child. Everything we teach is easy and straightforward.

What if I don’t have time to train my dog?

The time you’re currently spending being pulled down the street on leash, trying to stop your dog from barking, dealing with house training accidents, etc., could be spent resolving those problems! Now you and your dog can finally enjoy your time together like you’ve always wanted.

What makes your course different?

Our methods are actually ENJOYABLE for your dog–and you! Some people attempt to deprive dogs of their natural instincts when training, which creates frustration for dogs and their owners. At Sura Dog Training, we understand dogs’ instincts and how they learn, and we use that know-how to help dogs WANT to listen and be with their owners.

Do your methods scare or harm dogs?

Quite the contrary! At Sura Dog Training, we only use fun, games, and a little food. We take pride in utilizing positive reinforcement, science-based, dog-friendly training methods that never frighten or cause any kind of harm to dogs. Harsh and frightening training methods not only damage the human-dog relationship, but those kinds of methods also just don’t work long-term.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation policy:

Cancel anytime. Be sure you’re logged in to your WordPress /subscriber account and follow these instructions.

Refund policy:

We offer a full refund if you contact us with your request within one week of subscribing. Valid only for first-time subscribers.

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