Training your pup should be easy and fun for you, your family, and your dog! Below are some videos and photos of Ty working with various dogs.

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Dr. Ian Dunbar Unplugged Part 1: Giving Away Dog Training Secrets

Why I Don’t Use a Metal Collar When Walking a Dog

How to Deal with Puppy Biting–Safely!

The Dog Training Secret They Don’t Want You to Know!

Desensitizing Puppy Hooks to Basic Paw Handling

Beginner Lure Reward Training with Puppy Hooks

Teaching Puppy Hooks to Leave It

Puppy Hooks Settling Down with Stuffed Kong

Distance, Off-Leash Sit with Intact Male Adolescent Malamute

Heeling on-leash

A Fun Recall with Intact Male Adolescent Malamute!

Distance off-leash obedience

Variety of off-leash training