Online Group Puppy Classes

“It is easier to build strong children

Than to repair broken men.”

— Frederick Douglass

The same applies to puppies and adult dogs.

That’s what socialization is all about.

Prevention is the Key! Don’t Wait.



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Countdown to Our Next Real-Time, Live Online Puppy Class!

Each class consists of 4 real-time, live, weekly sessions of 50 minutes each, conducted via Zoom. For puppies 8-18 weeks old. Monthly options!

Limit 6 students per class to ensure everyone receives personalized instruction.

As puppies enter adolescence (around 4.5 months old) they start to develop fears and phobias if not extensively socialized early. 

At first it’s hard to see. Occasional shyness, sensitivity to loud noises, reluctance to be touched or interact with certain people–especially kids or the vet. 

Then, at about a year of age, things start to fall apart.

Prevention is the Key! Don’t Wait.

Register your pup today to ensure she grows up to be a well-socialized, people-loving dog who isn’t afraid of strangers or children, the veterinarian, or new environments.

Because it’s all online, our live, real-time class is perfect for puppies who haven’t gotten all of their shots yet!

You’ll receive:

  • 4 real-time, live, weekly sessions of 50 minutes each, complete with personalized instruction and guidance from our CCPDT-Certified Dog Trainer
  • The most effective, premium, science-based methods to set your puppy up for a happy, well-adjusted life free from fear, reactivity, and other common behavior problems
  • Direct communication with us if you have questions or issues

Our premium, science-based class is designed for puppies in the most critical period of development: 8-18 weeks of age.

The goal of our class is to teach the skills your puppy needs most when she most needs them. Topics covered include:

  • Prevent Fear of New People (Socialization)
  • Puppy Biting
  • Beginner Potty Training
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety
  • Crate Training
  • Chewing Inappropriate Items
  • …and much more!

Many pet parents don’t realize that their puppy isn’t going to just grow out of being afraid of strangers, having accidents in the house, or chewing up shoes or electrical cords. 

Most puppy classes consist of weeks of traditional, repetitive obedience training (sit, stand, down, etc.). The truth is that type of training takes 5-10 minutes to teach–not weeks.

But more importantly, traditional obedience training won’t do anything for a dog who’s afraid of people. It won’t help a dog who isn’t potty trained. It won’t help a pup who’s terrified of being left home alone.

What makes Sura Dog Training’s Puppy Class different?

Our class is about prevention. 

As formally educated, certified dog trainers, we know that most behaviors pet parents find objectionable in their dogs are predictable (meaning they occur in all dogs, and during a specific age range) and preventable. We help you understand what these behaviors are, when they show up, how to prevent them entirely, as well as how to deal with them safely and effectively if they do arise.

If your dog is older, book your Online Training Session or Contact Us directly to schedule an In-Person Training Session to get the help your dog needs. (Note: In-Person Sessions must be outdoors, with all people present wearing masks and adhering to social distancing.)

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